Education - San Jose State
Biology 150

On the first two weekends of April 2017, a class of San Jose State students was held at the Reserve on the "Ecology of Plants and Animals of an Ecological Reserve." Nineteen non-science students spent the four days doing surveys of the plants and animals of the grassland, woodland, pond, and stream habitats and learning of the species' various adaptations to their specific habitats. Principles of habitat and wildlife management and conservation were also covered in the course, including methods of capturing and tracking specific wildlife species in order to study their movements and assess any population changes within their range. Instructors for the course were Rod Myatt (plants), Bob Clement (vertebrates), and Merav Vonshak (arthropods). Henry Coletto and Martha Schauss gave information and demonstrations on animal capture and tracking, and David Jessup gave a demonstration of an animal necropsy and discussed the issues of wildlife health and diseases.

For a group of students with little or no experiences in the outdoor field of ecology, they seemed to have come away with a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of maintaining natural places for a diversity of wildlife and other species to flourish.

Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve 2017