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Biology 198

Biology 198 - SJSU Students
San Jose State Biology 198 Students
at the Reserve, Spring 2017

In spring 2017, a group of nine undergraduate San Jose State students conducted four research projects at the Reserve, under the direction of SJSU instructor and CDLO board member, Stephanie Trewhitt. Projects included using field cameras to contrast wildlife visits to restored versus natural woodland sites along the creek, an analysis of the vegetation at restored native grass sites along the creek, an analysis of the diversity and behavior of birds occupying constructed houses at different sites, and a survey of organisms at several ponds at the Reserve. Student presentations of their research results were given at the Reserve on May 17, followed by a group BB-Q. The students were aided by Reserve volunteers Bob Clement, Henry Coletto, and Rod Myatt.

San Jose State University's Biology 198 class is designed for undergraduates who want to gain field research experience. The SJSU course will be offered again by Stephanie in fall 2017 and again in spring 2018.

Classroom at the Reserve - SJSU Students
Classroom at the Reserve

Biology 198 students presented their research during the spring 2017 semester. Read their findings:



Biology 198 Class Photos at Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve 2017