Gavilan Community Education Program

Gavilan Community Education Participants
Poppies Growing from Rock at the Reserve
Spring 2017

On Saturday, April 29, 2017, a Community Education class from Gavilan College was held at the Reserve, on the subject of the Trees and Wildflowers of the California Foothills. Ten outdoor enthusiasts attended to learn of the natural history and identification of the many plants (and some animals) that occur at the Reserve, and that represent the many species throughout the California foothill communities.

We started by learning to use a key to the common tree species, what features to look for in distinguishing one from another, and the value of each species to the wildlife as well as to the native peoples that occupied the region before and still utilize the resources today. The wildflower identification began with an understanding of flower structure and its many variations, how they relate to the co-evolution of flowers with their pollinators, and what to look for in identifying and recognizing them Walks and drives throughout the accessible parts of the Reserve provided an opportunity to see most of the diversity of the trees and abundant flowers that occur there during the Spring flower season.

Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve 2017