Gavilan Community College Internship Program

Camera Poster
Student Displays Poster
of Research Conducted
at the Reserve

Fish Poster
Displaying Poster
of Fish Research

Water Sampling
Water Sampling

Work Crew
Work Crew

Since 2010, the Friends of Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve have partnered with Gavilan College staff and their Life Science Department. Each year a couple of lucky students are selected to do an internship at the Reserve. Each student works at least 160 hours during the summer months. Half of their time is spent working on a variety of habitat maintenance projects, like helping out in the native plant nursery, planting and watering plants for habitat restoration, and helping the fight against non-native invasive plants. The other half of their time is spent on a research project to gather data and learn more about the flora and fauna on the Reserve. At the completion of their research, each student puts together an educational poster to display their work to the staff and public on the college campus.

Both parts of their internship work at Cañada de los Osos provide the students with new experiences in working outdoors and in wildlife and plant research. Many of the students have gone on to pursue bachelor's and graduate degrees for outdoor professions in wildlife management, forestry, and veterinary medicine.