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Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve and San Jose State partner annually to provide opportunities for students in biology and non-biology majors to learn about, and do research on, the natural history of the plants and animals living in the foothill habitats of California.

SJSU class offered at the Reserve:


San Jose State University has been involved at the Cañada de los Osos Ecological Reserve for several years. The Biological Sciences Department has introduced students to the flora and fauna, as well as many field survey techniques used to monitor and measure resources. Classes and graduate students have been under the leadership of Stephanie Trewhitt and Dr. Rod Myatt, two of the board members of the Friends of CDLO. In 2017 field projects will be carried out by a new group of San Jose State Biology Department's students to add to the Reserve's database.

Community Partners - SJSU Students

Outdoor education is one of the Reserve's most important goals. The Friends of CDLO continues to encourage young people to get outdoors, and to better understand our natural resources.